WHALEBONE (in development)

a feature-length film by Duncan McDowall

In a narrative spanning three eras, Whalebone (working title) charts the interconnected life stories of three generations of one family on the Great Canadian Plains. After Tomas' homestead in Southwestern Saskatchewan fails, he embarks on a project the likes of which can only get him arrested and confined to an asylum. His daughter Rickey is left to be raised by neighbours, and grows to resent the community that persecuted her non-conforming father. Years afterward, while back to fill in the blanks on why his mother sent him to live away at such a young age, her son Damien discovers a land and native culture with its own subtle designs, and a family secret that makes it all fit together.

writer-director DUNCAN McDOWALL producer STÉPHANIE VERRIER

format 90 MINUTES